In 2014 we came together to create LoCrate Market - a Food, Arts & Craft Market.

Our venture into business was motivated by the fact that young black creatives did not have local platforms that were conducive enough to enable sustainable business trade.

We then developed a concept of Local Creatives, which then became LoCrate.

The concept of Local Creatives is all about creating an environment that allows like-minded people to validate their ideas and create new business concepts that would have never existed in townships before.

It is important that we dispel the misconceptions around Soweto and show that Sowetans are capable of far more.

In 2014 we then came together and created Locrate Market,which is a food, Arts & craft market, the market was created to ensure that we build platforms for aspiring SMMEs, artists and creatives from different townships.

Yes we are children of domestic workers, teachers, nurses but we can become entrepreneurs and social creatives. All we want to do is to ensure that we influence the youth, and ensure that they see the possibilities ahead of them.

You can't connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backward.

Steve Jobs

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